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Chapter 2 HIPS (see description)
Chapter 2
The car ride home is the first time you are able to get a good look John. His skin is pale, almost white, in contrast to his black hair that hangs down to his ears in a scruffy hap hazard way. His arms are thin and long like the fingers that he constantly drums against his legs. You can't tell for sure because he is sitting but he seems to be taller than you. Quickly you peek at his face. He wears thick black frames around his piercing blue eyes, very different from your own.
You, on the other hand, are what is considered a mutant, a fact made blatantly obvious by your bright red eyes and matching blood. Compared to John you could be a monster straight from a fairy tale with your long, unkempt, black hair that hangs to the middle of your back and your marred grey skin that stretches thin over your bones. You are a troll; and perhaps that is the biggest divide.
You hunch over further in your seat, frowning at how pathetic you are. When they dragged your boss outside you couldn
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 5 3
Mature content
Hiding In Plain Sight (A Johnkat fanfiction) Ch. 1 :icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 26 19
Mature content
Preview of Hiding In Plain Sight (Johnkat) :icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 21 18
The first time you saw him chapter 16
Time passes slowly as snow piles on top of you. All of your energy is long gone and you lay helplessly as you watch the sky become obscured by white. Your heavy eyelids close and white turns to black.
You can barely feel anything but the cold of the snow. How you can still feel anything is a mystery to you. You float through the cold darkness. Then quickly the cold is replaced with warmth. You can only assume that someone has found you and pulled you from the snow that piled around you.
You feel the brush of the wind as you are lifted into the air and quickly carried away. Once again you feel warmth surrounding you but this time here is a humming noise like the engine of a car. Something slams near your head and you feel your body flinch. As if to comfort you, a hand slowly smooths out your hood and rests between your ears. You lay exhausted and listen to what you can hear of the whispered conversation around you.
The hum stops and you are again carried through the cold air. Flinching
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 34 47
The first time you saw him chapter 15
You wander the dimly lit streets, careful to avoid the countless snowdrifts littered about the side of the road. Your breath makes puffs in front of your eyes, reminding you that spending too much time wandering around could kill you. You rub your arms to fight off the cold that had already started to numb your body. You walk briskly into the darkening night.
You barely hear the door close. You ignore it and continue to stare at the ceiling, assuming that Karkat is just stepping out for fresh air. After a few minutes you find yourself listening for the door. Nearly fifteen minutes pass before you decide to go outside and get him. You slowly roll out of bed and head over to the door, pulling on a coat before you head outside.
You don't see Karkat on the porch or anywhere in the yard. You reach back inside and grab your keys from the hook on the wall. Pulling the door shut you try to think about where he would be. The first place you check is the park.
You wander f
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 27 27
The first time you saw him chapter 14
Luckily the car swerved out of the way before it hit you. The paramedics that arrived soon after assured both you and John that neither of you were hurt seriously. It had taken both you and John telling them not to pull down your hood to keep them from exposing your secret. Instead of continuing to school the situation was explained and John led you home.
It has been two hour since you got back home. John refuses to talk to you. You've tried to explain the reason why you had to lie about not being able to speak, but he refuses to hear it. The only thing he has said to you since the car incident was "I thought I could trust you, but instead you were just one big lie." And then he skulked off into the bedroom. You simply curled up on the couch and you haven't moved since, your stinging throat as a painful reminder of what you've done.
Sure you feel bad for lying to him, but you really had no choice. For a good portion of your life it was hammered into your head that openi
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 20 11
The first time you saw him chapter 13
You slowly pull back from his lips, breath making white puffs in the air that hover between your face and his. Your face, already numb from the cold, is a bright red. You lean your face against his again, wishing you could speak.
You sit there with John until there is no trace of orange left in the sky.
By the time you get home, the sky is a dark purple. Snow had started falling and for once everything felt right. You credit that mostly to the boy whose hand you are holding. You let go of his hand  as he fumbles with his keys only to grab it back up as soon as the door swings open.
You struggle out of your coat and hoodie, shivering as the cold air in the apartment hits your exposed skin. Without thinking you move towards John who grabs you up in a hug. You rest your head against his chest, smile creeping onto your face.
Grabbing your hand again, John leads you into
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 35 33
The first time you saw him chapter 12
You wake up slowly, your muscles groaning from sleeping in a strange position. You stretch, reaching up with your arms and curving your back. You groan at the feeling of your muscles pulling tight. Yawning, you sit upright, absentmindedly reaching for your glasses resting on the dresser next to your bed. Your hand finds no dresser, only open air. Confused, you grope about, trying to figure out where you are. In your clumsy efforts you feel yourself slide off whatever you were sleeping on. You brace yourself for hitting the floor, but instead you hit something considerably softer. It makes a loud noise somewhere between a squawk and a groan. In your morning blindness you can just barely make out Karkat laying under you.
"Sorry, sorry." you mumble, trying to get of the other boy before you hurt him. Karkat just sighs and helps push you off.
Before you try standing up you ask, "Hey, do you know where my glasses are?"  Thankfully he nods and reaches over to the table beside the c
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 28 31
You are stuck at a crossroad in your life. Do you stay or do you go. Its not a rare decision, for you or for other people. Like many times before you want to leave but something is holding you back. Right, the promise of food, water clean clothes, and a roof over your head. You have experienced how hard it is to find such things in a world gone sour. But you should start at the beginning right?
When you were ten you were cruelly thrown from your life of ease. At the time you were overjoyed. Your parents had been overprotective of you, as if the slightest scratch or blemish would ruin your life. Now that you're older you see that it is true. In this dark world only the rich and the beautiful can even think about living a decent life. Your family of three was neither rich or poor. There was always food on the table and a roof over your head. In the year that followed your parent's deaths you often went without food. It was the way you had to live, begging on the streets.
Just after you t
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 4 10
The first time you saw him chapter 11
You wake up to a cold and quiet apartment. You roll from your stomach to your side and slide off the couch. You leave the blanket behind and look around for John. Last you had checked he went outside. First you check the bedroom, then the kitchen, and then the bathroom. Finding no evidence of the boy's presence, you open the front door, shivering as the cold air hits your exposed chest.
You look around for him, hoping that he isn't far. It doesn't take long for you to find him slumped against the side of the house, fast asleep. As quickly as you can you pull him onto your back and begin trudging back to the open door. Every step makes your muscles groan and your back ache. You were never strong, and this was pushing your limits.
You finally get him back inside the house. You plop him down on the couch and shut the door. You walk towards the bedroom, stopping on the way to throw a blanket over John. You grab up your own pile of blankets and carry it out into the living room, setting it
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 26 6
The first time you saw him chapter 10
You peel off your heavy coat and take off your soaking shoes, throwing both in a pile in front of your washer and dryer. You go to your room while Karkat does the same, grabbing a hoodie for yourself and throwing it on to ward off the cold. Wondering back out into the living room you see Karkat sitting on the couch still wearing his sopping hoodie. You can't say that you are surprised.
"Karkat, you'll freeze to death if you keep that on." you say pointing to his hoodie. Heating your apartment costs a lot so you tend to keep the heat off unless you really need it.
"C'mon, you'll get sick." You say. He slowly pulls the hoodie off and you take it from him, throwing it into the washer along with the coats that were piled in front, leaving the shoes for another load of laundry. By the time you come back to the couch Karkat has cocooned himself in a thick blanket.  You sit down next to him and switch on the TV.
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 33 31
The first time you saw him chapter 9
No matter what you do, you can't get Karkat to tell you anything about himself. You don't want to be nosy but you want to know more about the boy you have taken in. You had hoped that he would warm up to you but now you worry that he never will.
You wake up to the sound of your alarm. You roll over and smack your clock, turning it off. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you slowly crawl out of bed and hobble to the bathroom.  Pushing lightly on the door you step forward into the small room. You make it about two steps before you run into something. You later identify it as Karkat in nothing but his boxers. Before he can turn around you make out a long, jagged scar running from his right shoulder to his left hip. Impulsively you reach out your hand, intending to run it along the scar. Instead Karkat turns around, his face showing a mixture of fear, anger, and embarrassment. You stand there like an idiot, arm outstretched and face colored with curiosity and pity. It is simp
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 27 6
Mature content
The first time you saw him chapter 8 :icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 23 10
Mature content
She Dances on Hot Coals :icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 2 9
The first time you saw him chapter 7
You come home, hang your raincoat on a peg on the wall and run your hands through your wet hair. You frown, the storm outside is getting bad. You hope it hasn't freaked Karkat out yet. You walk into your bedroom to check on him, and find him curled up in his little pile of blankets next to your closet. You remember the day when he took most of your blankets and pillows and made a pile in the corner saying that it was his bed.You had laughed and told him not to live like a hobo, but you guess he doesn't care.
"Karkat, You okay?" You say, hoping the storm hasn't gotten to him. When he gives no response you crouch down next to him. You move a blanket off  of his face and see that he is asleep. You breathe a sigh of relief.  
You stand up and leave the room, making sure to close the door behind you. You walk quietly over to your piano, careful to turn the volume down so you don't wake Karkat. You pull your sheet music out of its bag and begin to play.
It hadn't been lon
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 33 20
4th of July
"Happy fourth of July Karkat!" you yell as you run in the door and pull your boyfriend into a tight hug. You can tell that you surprised him. He hugs you back before pushing you away mumbling something about the heat.
"Lets go see the fireworks!" You say. The best part about the fourth of July are the fireworks. You pull on Karkat's arm a bit, trying to get him out the door and down a couple of blocks to the neighborhood's park.
"What the hell are fireworks. And stop pulling my arm off." He says firmly.
"Well...uh...basically, they are controlled, colorful explosions in the sky." You say wondering about the actual definition of a firework.
"They can't be all that amazing." Karkat says unconvinced. You grab your boyfriend's hand and pull him towards the door.
"Then why don't you prove me wrong."
You walk down the block holding his hand and trying to convince him that fireworks are awesome, excited none the less about watching the fireworks again this year. When you reach the park you lo
:icontumut-tumut:tumut-tumut 28 18


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